The Direct Booker & Their Device Habits

We've gathered around 5 million user sessions' worth of data from Google Analytics and our Booking Engine to give you an up-to-date picture of your current direct booker and their device habits!

Here’s everything you need to know.


Who's looking?

Women made up 70% of site visitors compared to 30% men. This indicates women might be doing the better research!

The young love a browse - guests between 25 & 44 yrs make up 52% of the visitors to hotel websites.

The really young (students) represent just 3%, indicating their minimal disposable income.

Ages of all users

Who's booking?

While more women are busy doing the research, men convert 1.5 times more often than women...
although they contribute less revenue and transactions overall.

25-44 yr olds make up around 54% of transactions and revenue.

% of transactions

When are they booking?


of bookings were made on the same day


of bookings were made within 1 week of arrival


of bookings were made 60 days prior to arrival

Tuesday is the busiest booking day with 16%

Saturday is the quietest booking day with just 11%

When are they arriving?

Fridays & Saturdays see the most arrivals
13% arrive on Sundays, which has previously been the slowest day
Only 10% arrive on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

When are they cancelling?

Average cancellation rate for Q1 2019 stands at 11.2% of bookings

Average for 2018 was 11.8%

Average for 2017 was 9.7%


Expectations of a free cancellation policy have become a normal part of the booking process because of OTAs like and Expedia.

Cancellation rate by day of week

67% of cancellations are within the month of arrival; 40% are within the week of arrival

Average lead time on cancellations is at 22 days

Sunday has the lowest cancellation rate at 7.1%

Friday has the highest cancellation rate at 13.1%

Cancellation lead times are lowest in January and highest in June & September.

People who booked more in advance were more likely to cancel.

People who booked closer to the time, when they clearly had more definitive plans in mind, were more likely to stay.

How can you reduce

Promote a prepaid / advance purchase rate

If your guest pays at the time of booking, give them a discount. Make sure you have a facility in place to take payment electronically at the time of booking to avoid issues with manual payments.

Set up a pre-stay email to send a week before arrival

This will let you upsell your hotel facilities and remind your guests of cancellation policies. Hopefully at that stage if they need to cancel they’ll let you know immediately, giving you time to resell the room.

Collect data on why your guests are cancelling when they contact your hotel

This will help you understand if a specific issue is arising that you can fix.

What are they browsing on?

When it comes to browsing, mobile leads the way with 62% of traffic - naturally enough! The average person uses their phone for around 4 hours a day.

29% of traffic comes from desktop.

Only 9% of traffic comes from tablet.

Traffic by device


What are they booking on?

When it comes to booking, mobile continues to grow because your customers are feeling more and more secure booking on their phones.

45% currently book on mobile. As technology becomes more sophisticated it’s crucial your hotel invests in responsive, mobile-friendly website design.

45% book from desktop.

Just 10% book from tablet... another reason not to focus too much on this device.

Volume by device


What are they spending on?

The bigger the buy, the bigger the fear!

For many, the 'big' buys are still done on desktop, and typically, it's older people who purchase on desktop over mobile.

Revenue by device


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