• Converting above the Industry Average
  • Fully Integrated
  • Simplicity of Use

Booking Engine

The Net Affinity Hotel Booking Engine is the most adaptable integrated website booking engine available on the Market. It is a crucial part of generating more bookings for your hotel and has been designed to help your guests to check availability and rates easily and to make a booking in as few steps as possible.

Developed over several years, we have taken great care to make it so simple, so intuitive that it makes booking really easy and natural. The result is a system that’s really friendly, attractively packaged, in keeping with your overall site design and very easy for your guests to use. And yes, you and your staff will also find it easy to manage and update too.

Here are the key features and benefits of our advanced Hotel Booking Engine.

Mobile Booking Engine

The Net Affinity smart phone application is currently available to all Net Affinity Clients.

Our multi-screen booking Engine combined with our Mobile Website Design combines to give your hotel a complete mobile booking solution.

With access to mobile stats and reports we can analyse the behaviour of your Mobile users and devise a mobile strategy for your hotel, Focusing on your mobile users specific needs.

  • Branded based on your hotel design

  • Social Media Integration

  • Interactive map & Directions

  • Book Tonight Feature

  • Ability to add Additional navigation

  • Tracking and full management reports

  • Schedule a Call Form

Hotel Booking Engine Web App for Facebook

The Net Affinity Hotel Booking Engine App for Facebook has been quickly adopted by hotels and is free to set up and install.

Our Facebook App gives the hotel full control over their Facebook presence so that your Facebook fans can search for availability and book directly with your hotel safely and securely all within the Facebook environment.

  • App integrates your hotels booking engine within your Facebook page

  • Rates and availability fed directly from your Net Affinity Booking

  • Ability to present ‘Fan Only’ offers, events, reviews, vouchers, location

  • Traffic and bookings are fully visible through Analytics

  • Safe & Secure, no need to download or install several different apps.

  • Full control via the hotel administration section of our booking engine

  • Schedule a Call Form

Existing Website Integration

Seamless Integration

Our booking engine will be seamlessly integrated to your site to ensure a smooth booking process for your guests.

Custom Template

Our booking engine will be styled to your site so that it looks like an inherent part of your site.

Full Brower Support

Our booking engine is now built to be fully responsive to adapt to the many devices your guests use to access.