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By the time you finish this course level, your basic knowledge of the booking engine will be flawless. Your journey from beginner to winner will truly be in motion.

11 classes 1 quiz
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On to the next step, this course level will make you a master in key features and how to use them. Includes connecting to a channel manager, minimum stays, setting up enhancements and more.

9 classes 1 quiz
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You’re in expert territory now. The final course level will teach you more about the booking engine’s advanced modules like vouchers, packages, business intelligence and more.

7 classes 1 quiz
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What our clients say....

Amanda O'Reilly

Amanda O'Reilly

Revenue & Reservations Manager, Killashee Hotel

Having just completed my booking engine certification, I know for sure that the Net Affinity Academy is a resource myself & my team will use again and again! Their online classroom comprises mainly of a series of super helpful videos which are highly engaging and very easy to watch. I particularly liked how I was able to go back whenever I wanted and find an answer I needed quickly, made possible from the intuitive way the content has been designed! I’m really looking forward to future additions to the Net Affinity Academy!