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Berlin is calling! Here are our top ITB picks

- Posted on: 01/03/2019 -

Berlin is calling! We can't wait for ITB. If you're going and fancy a chat, make an appointment with us! Will, Sharon and Niall will be there. They're all pretty excited to meet you, soak up the atmosphere and get to as many talks as possible! There's knowledge to be shared and chats to be had. 

Here's what we'll be checking out at ITB!

Will's top pick? Pitch'n'Panel Hospitality

The rapid growth of technology within the industry seems to be a bit of a theme at this year's ITB and there's plenty I'm looking forward to seeing, but this is of particular interest. With so much being developed, released and talked about within our industry daily, it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes between what could just turn out to be a fad, and what could actually be something of great worth and usefulness. There are a number of really interesting startups that are leading the way in hotel tech right now who'll be participating in this talk. I hope to see the judges pick their brains for some insight into their own innovative projects but also where they see the future of hotel tech going. 

Sharon's top pick? Increasing sales with Artifical Intelligence

There's so much I want to try and catch at ITB but I'm particularly curious about this area and very much looking forward to seeing Lukas Hempel, founder of bookingkit, speak. AI has become one of those buzzwords, not just in our own industry but throughout other industries too. It feels as though it's been talked about for so long but still hasn't reached its full potential yet and I don't think we're all fully comfortable with it yet. There's a lot of testing the waters going on. The thing is, it can do wonders for our workloads if used in the right way - so I'm looking forward to hearing Lukas's take. 

Niall's top pick? The Role of the Revenue Manager and how Technology helps define strategy in the Hospitality industry

The difficult thing about working in the hospitality industry is that it's totally normal and expected to be constantly scrutinised and judged by people (out in the open) who use your services. I'm really looking forward to seeing Mario Mouraz, CEO of Climber, talk about this topic and the importance of having the right strategy in place. Personally I also find the development of technology and its impact on revenue management and the industry as a whole, pretty fascinating. I think it's one talk not to be missed!