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    • Products

      We offer thoughtfully crafted products that exceed the industry standard

    • Booking Engine

      The newest technology on the market. Feature-rich, lightning fast and made for mobile

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    • Website Builder

      We’ve spent over two decades designing websites and our website builder is everything you need it to be

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    • Hotel Gift Vouchers

      Our gift voucher platform is purposefully straightforward and easy to use

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    • Meta Search

      Experience seamless connectivity using our booking engine

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    • Services

      Service that’s one step ahead of everything you need

    • Client Services

      A team of hard-working, dedicated experts from the hospitality industry

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    • Bespoke Websites

      Your property is one of a kind and it deserves a website which reflects that

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    • Digital Marketing

      Tailored marketing strategies with measurable impact

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    • Resources

      Blogs, podcasts, webinars and more to support our customers in dynamic and helpful ways

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      Updated weekly with expert takes on current trends and developments of the industry

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      Listen to or sign up for all the latest tips, tricks and industry insights

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  • About Us
    • About Us

      Get to know our story, our team, our industry partners and the success of our clients.

    • About Us

      Our story, values and team, plus everything in between. Our culture is important to us.

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    • News

      Access all of our latest updates, some insightful industry news and events we host and attend.

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      Our products deliver tangible results for clients. Read about the success of our clients.

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      We work with a long list of talented partners to ensure our clients can make the most out of their products.

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We simplify your life.

Everything we do is to simplify your life as a hotelier. The online world is dynamic and complex, but we thrive on it. With us you’ll never go it alone or have to worry about direct business for your property again. The Net Affinity platform delivers all the results you need, so you can focus on doing what you do best. 


Our values are in everything we do

Our team are the heart of Net Affinity

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Managing Director

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Client Services Director

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Marketing Director

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Sales Director

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Finance Director/HR

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IT Director

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Client Experience Manager

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eCommerce Services Manager

Christiane www.netaffinity.com_v5


Digital Marketing Services Manager

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Client Success Executive

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Client Success Team Manager

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Product Manager

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Software Developer Manager

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Web Development Manager

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Content Marketing Manager

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Projects & Onboarding Manager

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Senior eCommerce Manager

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eCommerce Manager

Ellyn www.netaffinity.com_v5


Senior Client Success Executive

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Digital Marketing Specialist

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Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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Data Analyst/Developer

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Digital Marketing Specialist



Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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Design Manager

Lili www.netaffinity.com_v5


Web Designer

Marialaura www.netaffinity.com_v5


Web Developer

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eCommerce Manager

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Application Support Engineer

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Software Developer

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Web Designer

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Lead Software Developer

Kevin www.netaffinity.com_v5


Web Developer

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Digital Marketing Specialist

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Jenna www.netaffinity.com_v5


Digital Marketing Specialist

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Senior System Administrator

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Sales Manager for Ireland & UK

Sara a www.netaffinity.com_v5


Senior eCommerce Manager

Thuli www.netaffinity.com_v5


Client Success Executive

Susan www.netaffinity.com_v5


Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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Software Developer

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System Administrator

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We're certified as a Great Place to Work!


At Net Affinity our people are everything to us. That’s why we’re so proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work and feature on the top 30 Best Small Workplaces list! 

"I cannot overstate the importance we place upon creating and nurturing an empathetic culture – one of trust and respect that empowers everyone to have a better work-life balance. It is something we never take for granted and our goal is to always retain and continually attract top talent. We are very lucky to have such a first-rate team." William Cotter, MD of Net Affinity

Empathy is at the heart of everything we do - for our clients, for each other, even for those we don't yet know. Having a culture built on a shared understanding means that our people feel encouraged, enabled and empowered. We do it because we genuinely care, all the knock on effects that come from a great culture are just an added bonus.


We like to give back, too

Charity is something that’s very important to us all both personally and as a company. As well as being a proud charity partner of Laura Lynn, we also choose a variety of different causes to support throughout the year based on what is closest to our hearts. Additional charities we’ve recently supported include Women’s Aid, Focus Ireland and Simon Community. Our charity events usually include some form of food, so we’re giving back while being fed with a guaranteed delicious spread – win win for all involved.

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Benefits & social life

Annual leave

You will have 22 annual leave days pro rata per calendar year to do with what you want


Anniversary leave

Celebrate your Net Affinity work anniversary with the day off and put your feet up

Wellness day

Feel like staying in bed? Or just need a little extra ‘me’ time? Take your wellness day whenever you need a breather

Volunteering day

You will have 1 day to dedicate to the charity or volunteer work of your choice, whatever that may be

Loyalty bonus

We love loyalty. More importantly, we love the idea of our staff feeling as happy and content in their roles as they can. In order to aptly recognise your loyalty to us, we will give you one extra day of leave for every year you’re with the company, up to 5 years

Remote working & flexible hours

We operate and actively promote a ‘Remote First’ culture at Net Affinity. This is because we know how important it is for our staff to be able to balance their personal lives with work, so as well as being a 'remote first' company, we also have flexible hours in place. 



On Fridays we finish up a little early to help you get the weekend started!

B-Day bonus

Your birthday is a time to celebrate! To allow you to do so, we give you the day off to enjoy your birthday to the full

Baby bonus

Spend more precious time with your bundle of joy with an extra 5 days leave to enjoy when they arrive

Wedding bonus

We want you to enjoy every moment of this special time with your loved ones. So to help you prepare for your special day, we’ll give you an additional 3 days annual leave. 

Christmas shopping

Do some extra gift browsing with a half day off for Christmas shopping

Onboarding, birthdays, anniversaries & Christmas

You’ll get a hamper packed full of treats when you join the company, on your birthday, on your work anniversary and at Christmas

The parties

Our Christmas and summer parties are practically famous at this stage. Usually themed, held somewhere we’ve never been before and an excuse to party the night away! 


We’re committed to always helping our people with their professional growth and development. This means regular training, opportunities to upskill and performance reviews – we know career growth is essential to a positive, encouraging work environment. 

We work with each person on analysing their own personal training needs, and we encourage a mixture of programmes including cross-departmental, learning and refresher courses. We use an exciting variety of resources for individual and team upskilling, and we regularly attend external training sessions from global thought leaders like of Google and Hubspot! 

Marking special life events

Your special events are important to us. That’s why you’ll receive a gift from us to mark the special big events in your life like weddings, births and naturalisations

Contribution to pension and health insurance

We will offer a contribution to your pension and health insurance (more detail available on request)

Wellbeing Week

You’ll receive a snack pack every year during Wellbeing Week

Meet ups

With a budget available each quarter, teams are free to arrange their own meet ups at their convenience - on us 

Counselling and emotional support

We care about your mental wellbeing. That’s why we work with an accredited EAP service through Zevo Health that provides our staff with access to accreditedprofessional trained counsellors 24 hours a day at the push of a button 

Flu jabs

You will have access to 1 per year 


You will have a training budget per year available for you to use on any kind of education programme related to your job 

Reading up

We will provide you with access to an unlimited amount of books related to your role, skill-set and personal development  

Rewarding you for referrals

Every new staff member or client you refer, you will receive a reward as a thank you from us!

Income protection benefit

Income protection insurance will pay out a regular cash payment to replace part of your lost income if you can't work due to a medium to long-term illness or disability

Death in service benefit

This is payable to your loved ones if you were to pass away while working at Net Affinity

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