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It’s a trying time for us all, and although it may feel overwhelming, this will pass. In the meantime, we know from personal experience it can be a time to be used to learn, personally develop, and educate ourselves. We’re bringing together all of the experts at Net Affinity to bring you a series of webinars, podcasts and blogs over the coming weeks that will each address a key area for you and your business to consider.

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Upcoming Webinars

Top 10 Tips for Book Direct Wednesday 3rd June @ 11am A Guide to SEO for your site Wednesday 10th June @ 11am Top 10 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Wednesday 17th June @ 11am

Previous Webinars

Net Affinity’s Marketing Relaunch Plan Tuesday 26th May @ 11am
Net Affinity's Recovery Checklist Thursday 21st May @ 11am
How should hotels set room rates now? Tuesday 12th May @ 11am
What can you do to make your hotel appeal to the domestic market? Wednesday 6th May @ 11am
Tips for selling vouchers when your hotel is closed Tuesday 28th April @ 11am


The Partner Series Ep 2:
A Chat with George Titlow of Hoteltime Solutions
Marketing in the Morning Ep. 4:
Soft Sales Pitches & Wedding Content Strategies
The Hotelier's Take Ep. 1:
Niall Huggard from The Lake Hotel
The Partner Series Ep. 1:
A Chat With Alexander Edstrom of Atomize
Marketing in the Morning Ep. 3:
Action Bars and Database Management
Marketing in the Morning Ep. 2:
Book Direct Offers and Hotel Ads
Marketing in the Morning Ep. 1:
How you can utilise content and social media channels during Covid-19


Read our latest marketing tips, survival strategies and news to help you navigate Covid-19

Revenue Management – Remembering the Basics

Continuing with our series of content around helping hoteliers to cope and recover from Covid-19, we thought this week it would be helpful to remind ourselves of the basics...

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How should you be setting room rates for your hotel?

Although we have a way to go, it feels good having words like ‘recovery’ back in our vocabulary...

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What can you do to make your hotel appeal to the domestic market?

With light finally being shed on when this will all begin to pass, it is truly time to start planning for your re-opening come July....

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There is light peeking through the curtains of uncertainty

Our Sales Director, Sharon Cowley, remembers very well when the last recession hit, and how resilient the hospitality industry proved itself to be then...

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Covid-19: Action Bars & Google Hotel Ads

It’s the little things that get us through times like these, and the same can be said for your marketing activity – focusing on some of the littler things now will make a big impact...

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Covid-19: Book Direct Offers & Social Media

While Covid-19 continues its unnerving control over the economy, our goal is to provide you with the marketing tips and resources you need to get through this time. There is still plenty to check, learn, prepare and action...

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Vouchers can be of benefit to your customers in the current climate

It’s hard to know how to get your communication just right in the current turbulent climate. You want to ensure you keep up a healthy rapport with customers while also being respectful of the delicate situation everyone is in...

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How hotels are responding proactively to this challenge

It’s very hard not to get wrapped up in the international-wide hysteria that is gripping parts of the globe due to the coronavirus. You can’t turn a corner without seeing a health warning (wash.your.hands.), hearing chat about the latest cases, or even seeing how it’s affecting the way people greet each other...

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