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Friday Five - 24.07.15

- Posted on: 24/07/2016 -

This week's Friday 5 looks at rate parity agreements, TripAdvisor's transformation into a booking site, positive framing in copywriting to improve sales, why you should be creating smart landing pages and how to optimize your site for every stage of the buying cycle.


OTA Rate Parity Agreements – What Do They Mean?

How have the recent rate parity amendments by Expedia and Booking.com affected the hotel industry? Hotel News Now takes a critical look at the fall out and questions whether the new agreements have fundamentally changed the landscape.



TripAdvisor Transformed: The Booking Site Is Now in Full Swing

TripAdvisor has transformed itself into a booking site, seemingly overnight. Skift reviews the new layout and what it means for hotels. Tnooz also reports a new ad test, giving more prominence to hotels with sponsored ads. A space to watch!



How to Use Positive Framing to Persuade and Sell

An excellent read from neuromarketer Roger Dooley on positive framing in copywriting to improve sales by leveraging the fear of loss and presenting your solution in a positive way.



The 4 Best Reasons to Create Smart Landing Pages

Dedicated landing pages can dramatically increase the conversion rate for your marketing campaigns. Here are 4 great reasons why you should start using them.



How to Optimize Your Site for Every Stage of the Buying Cycle

The buying cycle is the process a user goes through when booking a room or purchasing an item. Kissmetrics looks at how to optimize your site for every step of this process.