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Google Mobile Algorithm Update: What's Changed?

- Posted on: 11/06/2015 -

It has been just over 3 weeks since Google officially launched their Mobile Friendly update and the aftermath isn't quite as dramatic as some predicted it would be. While some websites are reporting minimal effects, very few are yet to reveal any catastrophic drop in search rankings.

In a gracious effort to increase the mobile friendliness of the internet as a whole Google gave a very generous heads up and told people exactly what they would need to do in order to ensure their website pages were properly configured and would abide by the new mobile algorithm update.

Now that the dust has settled after the April 21 implementation, we are beginning to see some clarity and it is now clear that the overall impact of the mobile Algorithm wasn't nearly as serious as some were predicting. It was this advanced warning that was why the update went so smoothly as websites has the time to heed Google's advice and invest in mobile-friendly or responsive web pages. A significant number of webmasters and businesses including Net Affinity made the recommended changes prior to the April deadline and thereby avoided any issues. Google announced a 4.7 percent uptick in mobile-friendly sites in the days leading up to the update.

As always we will continue to monitor Algorithm changes and effects and be sure to update you on any changes.