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Net Affinity Gets Moving for National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2017

- Posted on: 30/03/2017 -

This year is the 3rd year running for National Workplace Wellbeing Day, and we’re happy to say that Net Affinity have participated in every year’s events to date.

This year, we’ll be starting off the day with a healthy breakfast, followed later by the Lunchtime Mile, an initiative to get everyone out of the office and moving. While we’re probably not going to swim it, we’re more than ready to walk or run!

National Workplace Wellbeing Day is a day to promote better exercise and nutrition in the workplace. New research shows that only a quarter of workers in Ireland are meeting the recommended level of exercise for a healthy lifestyle each week. Getting out for a quick walk at lunch time is a way to refresh and recharge for the rest of the day, as well as getting in a bit of exercise, and we’re happy to encourage that.

Last year, over 300 companies of all industries and sizes took part in the day. This year, we hope to see even more!