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Net Affinity guest lecturing on revenue management and distribution at TU Dublin

- Posted on: 09/04/2019 -

We’re delighted to be guest lecturing in revenue management and distribution to the Masters class for Hospitality Tourism at TU Dublin, tomorrow, April 10th!

Our e-commerce whiz and manager Maeve Walls will be delivering the lecture, covering topics like revenue management in Irish hotels, the importance of the hotel website as a successful distribution channel, and current trends in the industry that are influencing booking behaviour.

We’re passionate about, and obsessed with, driving direct business for clients in every way we can on a day to day basis - we think this makes their lives a little simpler. We get excited by trends that shape how our industry continues to develop new or improved services that help hotels see continued direct-booking success.

So it's great to get the opportunity to come in and guest lecture in our field of expertise - to share our knowledge, spark debate, and even see things from a fresh perspective! See you tomorrow, TU Dublin.