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Net Affinity Celebrate 15 Years in Business

- Posted on: 14/07/2015 -

Our 15th Birthday


This week we celebrate our 15th birthday. It’s a great milestone for us and one which we are very proud to have achieved. When we look back over the years to 2000 we see that a lot about our industry has changed. This is particular evident from a technology perspective and how it has impacted consumer behaviour and our clients business. This is why technology is at the centre of our business.


Birth of Net Affinity

Net Affinity began its life as a digital agency working across industry sectors providing online marketing services. Working with hotels was always a big part of our business and in our early years we built up competencies specific to the industry such as our reservation platform and website content manager. In 2008 we focused exclusively on the hotel sector and through this specialism we built up our competence and expertise in this vertical. At the same time we continued to invest in our technology to make our booking platform as user friendly as possible.



The past 7 years have been the best years of our business both in terms of the growth in our client base and our team which now stands at over 40 staff. As part of our strategy to bring greater efficiencies into our business and services we announced details of an investment programme in our core technologies.

In line with this commitment we’ve embarked on a large scale development and R&D project spanning two years which see’s us develop our cloud based technology platforms further taking into consideration the rapid developments in mobile and social media. As part of this development we are placing mobile firmly in the centre of our business, looking at every aspect of our client’s and their customers use of our systems regardless of device.


Why we are so passionate about what we do

The strength in our technology is complemented by our highly skilled and competent teams. Our work requires knowledge, judgment and sound decision making. Through our culture we encourage leadership whilst embracing the individuality of each team member giving them the scope to explore their own passion. This commitment to our team matters as our passion for our work benefits our clients the most.

As hoteliers we love this industry and care very deeply about our clients, that's why we work so hard to make a real difference to your business.

As we celebrate our 15th year in business I would like to thank all of our clients for their support over the years – it is very much appreciated.

Warm Regards,

William Cotter