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Friday Five - July 17th 2015

- Posted on: 17/07/2015 -

This week's Friday 5 looks at the traveler's path to purchase from OTAs to brand.com, airline revenue management techniques hotels should copy and how to leverage a psychological pricing strategy. If you are looking for a new website, we gave included a great read on essential questions that should shape your site redesign and with August just around the corner, now is the time to think of your Christmas strategy.

Path to Travel Purchase

 An excellent read on the traveler’s path to purchase from OTAs to brand.com, across multiple devices and channels.

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Airline Revenue Management Techniques Hotels Should opy

It is no secret that airline revenue management techniques are more advanced than similar practices in hotels. In an increasingly competitive environment, which methods can hotels adapt to stay ahead of their competitors?

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7 Essential Questions to Shape Your Website Redesign Strategy

If you are in the market for a new website, this is an excellent read on which questions you should ask yourself before you jump into the redesign process.

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The Essential 2015 Holiday Checklist For Online Retailers

It’s only July but now is the time to prepare for the Holiday season. Geared towards online retailers, this is a great read on how to get ready for Christmas with great techniques that are applicable to the hospitality sector, particularly when it comes to voucher sales.

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Psychological Pricing Is Your Golden Ticket to Selling More

How do you effectively price your products to increase profits and sell more? Shopify looks at building a psychological pricing strategy that taps into users’ perception of value that goes beyond the actual price.

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