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Our Friday Five - July 3rd 2015

- Posted on: 03/07/2015 -

This week's Friday 5 looks at the the new rate parity agreements by Expedia and Booking.com, shifting your marketing strategy focus from price to value, data-driven social media marketing, ecommerce CTAs as well as an interesting piece on what you can learn from users who don't convert. 


1. Expedia joins Booking.com to scale back on hotel rate parity


Following Booking.com’s announcement of new rate parity agreements across its European partners, Expedia is following suit by implementing similar changes due to roll out across Europe on August 1.

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2. 7 Things You Should Learn From The Customer Who Doesn’t Convert


81% of people abandon their travel bookings online and booking abandonment technology is becoming more and more widespread to combat that. But what can you learn from the users who didn’t book? Kissmetrics looks at the things abandoned bookings can teach you to make your marketing efforts more effective.

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3. Shift Your Marketing Focus From Price to Value


Vikram Singh takes a critical look at how and why you should shift your strategy to compete on value rather than price by leveraging your brand’s story and having confidence in your product and rate.

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4. How to Become A Data-Driven Social Media Marketer


An excellent read on how to leverage data to get the most out of your social media campaigns, including creating your buyer personas and a new way of measuring conversion.

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5. A Critical Look at Ecommerce CTAs


Does your call to action inspire action in your site’s users? Hubspot analyses ecommerce call to actions to find out what works and what doesn’t.

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