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The Business Intelligence Console Has Launched!

- Posted on: 08/11/2017 -

Business-Critical Data for More Direct Bookings

Net Affinity are hugely excited to announce the launch of our Business Intelligence Console; an innovative new booking engine feature available as part of our market-leading Booking Engine technology.

 The Business Intelligence Console has been rolled out across all Net Affinity clients at no additional cost, it provides a 360-degree view of a hotel's direct booking performance at the push of a button with up-to-date, real-time business-critical data.

Business Intelligence Console

As a company with extensive industry experience, Net Affinity understands the challenges hoteliers are facing and know that sometimes the smallest tweaks can make the biggest impact on conversion rates. However, it can be arduous and time-consuming for the hotelier to transform vast quantities of data into the answers they are searching for.

To address that challenge, the Business Intelligence Console was born. This latest innovation is a result of our continuous and ongoing product development and is designed to help hoteliers make timely business decisions a lot easier. The idea being, the more knowledge you have in front of you, the more intelligent your strategic decisions can be. Business Intelligence gives you that power through constant access to your hotel’s most critical data.

The Business Intelligence Console displays valuable insights into critical statistics including key demand dates by search, PACE information for business performance and comparative data based on similar properties be it by location, size or grading.

The Business Intelligence Console will use Net Affinity’s robust data-set to generate predictions via easy-to-interpret data representation. Timely business alerts based on deep data analysis will guide the hotelier to review and act, based upon their own expert intuition.

Given our already rich data-set, amalgamated from a large group of long-standing clients, our Business Intelligence Console will assist you, the hotelier, from day one. What’s more, as time goes on the console will continually gather data and display more profound insights with each transaction.

Our goal is to drive more and more direct bookings for hotels, because ultimately, direct is best. Instead of making the process of running your hotel more complicated, we streamline your path to excellence.

This latest addition is our next step in giving you dynamic intelligent information to allow you to excel in your direct revenue strategy.

Learn more about the Business Intelligence Console here. 

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